LOL: What If Disney Produced A VHS Version Of 'Frozen'? Watch The VHS Trailer

The above photo of a Frozen VHS started making the rounds around the internet earlier this week, and took me back.

I'm sure one universal memory most people who grew up during the 1980's or early 1990's has is opening up one of those large plastic clamshell cases, popping a Disney animated film into the VHS player and waiting for the magic to begin. These days, reminiscing about those times must sound the same as when my father would tell me about the days before remote controls where he had to turn a dial on the television to change the channels. Okay, I'm getting old.

Had Disney actually produced a VHS version of Frozen? Was the movie that popular that the mouse house decided they could make enough money off the now niche market of primary VHS player owners?

No, Disney has since confirmed the above photo as a fake – a fan-made photoshop creation. But stay with me for a minute, I found a couple cool things in my research:

Here is a bit of trivia for you: the direct to video animated sequel Bambi II was the last Disney film released on VHS. Even though Disney had been releasing DVDs since 1997, Bambi II was the last VHS produced by the mouse house, hitting store shelves in 2006. Frozen is still available on DVD however as the format is still holding marketshare.

And the other cool thing I found was this gem of a video: Someone out there wondered what a a trailer for Frozen would have looked like on one of those old Disney VHS releases. If you don't remember, Disney use to front load all their VHS tapes with trailers for other movies, but not just any trailers — ones usually produced for the video releases. These trailers all had a quality about them that I just can't pinpoint, but this edit by ChiefBrodyRules perfectly captures those VHS trailers with Disney's modern classic Frozen.