Cool Stuff: 'The Rock' Poster By Patrick Connan

For his poster for Michael Bay's The Rock, poster artist Patrick Connan did more than his best. He's going home to you-know-what the prom queen.

The Hero Complex Gallery will release Connan's super cool poster for the 1996 action film, starring Nicolas Cage, Sean Connery and Ed Harris on Wednesday May 14. Check out full images of The Rock poster below.

Thanks to Blurppy for these images of The Rock poster.

The Rock Poster

Both editions, the "Gas" edition and "Flare" edition are 18 x 36 inch screen prints in runs of 85. They cost $50 and will be on sale by following @HeroComplexArt. Head to Blurrpy to read more from the artist.

Here are some detail shots.

Out of all the movies out there, the mere fact Connan made an art print of The Rock is excellent. Beyond that, the composition using the smoke to frame the poster, plus the likenesses and choice of scenes really makes this print stand out. What do you think of The Rock poster?