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Header Photo: Which Disney Characters Are Drift Compatible Jaeger Pilots?The 10 Most Memorable Documentary Characters Of All TimeFive Shows You Should Have Watched While They Were Still OnStay Puft Marshmallow Cake

Stay Puft Marshmallow Cake

Movies aren't math

10 Films In Which Actors Play Multiple RolesZZ2CCDD953


Why Seth Rogen is the Most Important Person in Modern ComedyFive Star Wars characters worthy of spinoff movies

"Star Wars" Kimono Dresses Are Perfect For Warm Summer Days

MGM, New Line Partner for Reese Witherspoon-Sofia Vergara Action Comedy

Game Of Thrones Theme Performed On Wine Glasses

Sundance Institute Selects 2014 Directors & Screenwriters Fellows

Funko Has A Back To The Future DeLorean

Funko Has A Back To The Future DeLorean And ReAction Figures

Netflix Raises Streaming Price by $1

Jack Burton Is Back in the New 'Big Trouble in Little China' Comic BookFirst Look: Jack Burton Is Back in the New 'Big Trouble in Little China' Comic BookIf 'House of Cards' Characters Used LinkedIn

Scene From 'Chef', an Award-Winning Film About Social Media Disaster

ABC cancels freshman entry 'Mixology'

Dawn Of The Planet of The Apes posterMatt Ferguson Gets "Sidetracked" By 20th Century Fox's New "Dawn Of The Planet of The Apes" TrailerDeepak Chopra-Narrated Short Film 'Duality' to Be Developed Into Feature Film

Watch: Amusing Animated Sci-Fi Delivery Man Short 'JohnnyExpress'Mark Wahlberg Making Reality Show About Beer and NerdsBowser The Hutt Has Captured Princess Peach! T-Shirt

Bowser The Hutt Has Captured Princess Peach! T-Shirt


The Brave Frakkin' Toaster t-shirt

The Stanley Kubrick References in Last Week's 'Mad Men'

Elders React to A Million Ways to Die in the West

Starz to Premiere Outlander on Saturday, August 9

ZZ0E9F2F0FProof That "Frozen" And "The Lion King" Are The Same Movie

USA Network Announces Stanistan, Development Slate for 2014-2015

Mario And Luigi Make Terrific Transformers

Tom Cruise Will Do 3 'Edge of Tomorrow' Premieres in 1 DayRobocop 1:4 Scale StatueRobocop 1:4 Scale StatueElizabeth Banks Sued Over 'Walk of Shame' After Pitch MeetingZZ2C75F697

Mr. Potato Head Star Wars R2-D2 Action Figure

Warner Bros. Will Release 3 Animated Features in 2017-'18

Watch: Sigur Rós Meets 'Blade Runner' In This Astounding Mash-Up Plus 7-Minute Art Direction & Production Design Featurette

D23?s Fanniversary Event to Tour 11 Cities; 'Sleeping Beauty' Lost Song to be Previewed

ZZ5DE09641A Side-by-Side Comparison of the Original LEGO 'Ghostbusters' Set Design and the Final Product

Katie Couric's 'Fed Up' Documentary Accused of 'Getting the Facts Wrong'

A Walter White and Rick Grimes Rap Battle

Angelina Jolie's 'Maleficent' Tracking for $60 Million-Plus Box-Office Opening

How To Find Your Star Wars NameHow To Find Your Star Wars NameThe Greats: John WilliamsZZ44ED34AD

Here's What a Map to the Stars' Homes Looked Like in 1937

Ten Films Hollywood Loves To MakeCustom Boba Fett suit

Custom Boba Fett suit

Season of Suspense: 7 Actors Discuss the Pilot Process

Scott C's Great Showdown tribute to BraveheartScott C's Great Showdown tribute to Braveheart

Russell Crowe's 'Noah' denied release slot in China

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