Superhero Bits: Amazing Spider-Man 2, Batman, Guardians Of The Galaxy, Gotham, Ninja Turtles

Why did Spidey's costume change for The Amazing Spider-Man 2? What can you get now that July 23 has been officially declared Batman day? Does Stan Lee have a problem with Samuel L. Jackson's take on Nick Fury? Is Marvel celebrating 100 years of their comics a bit too early? Which actor turned down a chance to play Spider-Man, Batman and Superman? Read about all this and more in today's Superhero Bits.

An Honest Trailer for Sam Raimi's Spider-Man trilogy.

On July 23, participating comic book stores will give out special new copies of Detective Comics #27 to celebrate Batman day.

Watch the end credits scene for The Amazing Spider-Man game. Thanks to CBM.

Vixen Varsity (via CBM) have video of Stan Lee saying Samuel L. Jackson's Nick Fury doesn't get furious enough for him.FF 100

Marvel is doing a unique, 100 year anniversary run for several of their famous comics via the LA Times.

An Injustice: Gods Among Us sequel will be coming in the next few years.

Not exactly sure what this Batman suit is but would you be mad if it's in Batman vs. Superman?

In an interview with, Josh Hartnett revealed he could have played Spider-Man, Batman and Superman.

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Calvin Hobbs Guardians

Artist Matthew Waite reimagined the Guardians of the Galaxy as Calvin and Hobbes. Via James Gunn.

Speaking to, Donal Logue makes a case for why Gotham doesn't need Batman.

Amazing Spider-Man costumes

Great piece at MTV about the evolution of the Spider-Man costume in The Amazing Spider-Man 2. has a bunch of new information on the Death of Wolverine storyline.

Finally, the answer to the question of what would a Tommy Wiseau Batman movie look like.

Avi Arad said, if Spider-Man ever was to appear in a Marvel crossover film, he'd have to be the star.Michaelangelo pizza cutter

Because you always wanted to cut your pizza with pizza's #1 fan, Michaelangelo, via Nerdalicious

Five mistakes X-Men The Last Stand made that X-Men Days of Future Past could fix.