Superhero Bits: Guardians Of The Galaxy, Mondo, Amazing Spider-Man 3, Agents Of SHIELD, X-Men

Want to read about Marvel's plans for Guardians of the Galaxy spin-off comic books? Has more art been revealed from Mike Mitchell's Mondo Marvel show? Is there a new Electro video from The Amazing Spider-Man 2? How can you watch Arrow with the show's star? Does Marc Webb think the Kurtzman/Orci news will change Amazing Spider-Man 3? Is Stephen Colbert an agent of HYDRA? Read about all this and more in today's Superhero Bits.

Mike Mitchell - Venom JLU

The Austin Chronicle revealed a bunch of new piece from Mike Mitchell's Mondo Marvel show this Friday such as this Venom Just Like Us. There are more at the link.. Plus, read a huge interview with he and Creative Director Justin Ishmael over on Marvel.

Apple Trailers has a new featurette on The Amazing Spider-Man 2 focusing on Electro.

Promo for the next episode of Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D called "Nothing Personal."

The star of Arrow invites fans to show up and watch the show with him Wednesday night.

Goblin vs Spider-ManWal-Mart (via Comic Book Movie) posted a ton of new posters and images from Amazing Spider-Man 2.Captain America: The Winter Soldier crossed $600 million internationally.

Cool new Guardians of the Galaxy comic cover art, plus read about a new Star-Lord comic here.

Speaking of Guardians of the Galaxy art, there's a art of the movie book coming out in July.

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Marc Webb Amazing Spider-Man 2

Some new behind the scenes stills of Amazing Spider-Man 2.

Collider spoke to Simon Kinberg about the opening of X-Men Days of Future Past.The Warp Zone does Spider-Man hide his boner?

More information on upcoming Guardians of the Galaxy comics and spin-offs over on THR.

Marc Webb talked to Desde Hollywood (via CBM) about if the Kurtzman and Orci break up will affect Amazing Spider-Man 3.

Wait, is Stephen Colbert an agent of Hydra? Marvel has the scoop.

Matt Ferguson AvengersLove this GIF by Matt Ferguson of The Avengers

The creator of TV's Batman, Lorenzo Semple Jr., passed away last month.