'The Green Inferno' Trailer: The Jungle Will Eat You

Eli Roth's new film, The Green Inferno, is ugly. That's by design — it's not just a horror movie, but a film made in the mold of super-shockers like Cannibal Holocaust. Though the cannibal movie has largely passed out of fashion, Roth goes as far as he can with The Green Inferno, which drops an idealistic group of college-age activists in a Peruvian jungle. There they attempt to stop rapacious corporate clear-cutting. But things go wrong, and the kids end up deep in the Amazon, facing the violent tendencies of the very natives they hoped to help. Check out the first Green Inferno trailer, which is more tease than anything else, below.

I had a lot of fun with The Green Inferno when it screened at Fantastic Fest last year. Sure, it's not as out-there as some of the big cannibal movie milestones, but it doesn't shy away from pushing most of its characters into hell. And it has a really pessimistic stance with respect to certain types of activism that had my black heart swelling a size or two.

The Green Inferno opens on September 5. Trailer via MovieFone.

Idealistic Justine (Lorenza Izzo) joins a group of campus radicals on a mission to disrupt the illegal clear-cutting of a Peruvian jungle, which is endangering the tranquil lives of an isolated Amazonian tribe. Armed with good intentions and the power of their cellphone cameras, the group flies to Peru and seemingly succeeds in their mission. But the activists' celebration quickly turns to tragedy when their plane crashes in the jungle — and they find themselves on the dinner menu of the very people they were trying to protect.