Benedict Cumberbatch Still Insisting He's Not In 'Star Wars'

Over the past year, Star Wars Episode VII casting rumors have touched upon just about every big name in Hollywood — and even some not-so-big names as well. But one of the first to make the rounds was Benedict Cumberbatch, way back when.

Although the actor has already shot down the reports multiple times, the whole Khan debacle of 2013 has had everyone taking his word with a grain of salt. Nevertheless, Cumberbatch has gone on the record to deny those Star Wars Episode VII rumors yet again. Should we believe him this time? Read his Star Wars comments after the jump — plus, a word on what other insanely popular sci-fi franchise he won't be starring in.

Talk about Cumberbatch began swirling last fall. While he has not been shy about professing his love of Star Wars in general, he's tried to "quash" rumors that he'd be in Episode VII. Yet even his denials have seemed a bit evasive.

This latest response is more definitive. Instead of saying that he hasn't been cast — suggesting, accidentally or not, that he could still be cast later on — he's saying it's not going to happen even in the future. If it's a lie, it's a more direct lie.

And even if it's the truth, it doesn't mean he was being totally honest before. Abrams has been working on the casting for a long time, and has talked to a great many actors during that time. It's possible Cumberbatch was in the running at one point but isn't anymore.

Really, this rumor isn't gonna die until either 1) Disney officially announces his casting or 2) the movie comes out and Cumberbatch is nowhere to be seen in it. And if it's option 2, there might still be lingering theories about whether Cumberbatch had a secret cameo or uncredited appearance.

Meanwhile, we can be more certain he'll never have a part in Doctor Who.

Unless, that is, this stringent denial is just part of another big conspiracy. I give up.