How Many Days Have You Wasted Watching TV Shows?

We all spent a lot of time watching television. How much do you think you've spent over your lifetime? If you totaled all that time days watching TV shows — how many years, days, hours would you have spent staring at the glowing television screen? Lets find out...

*note: the headline uses the word "wasted", but I personally don't regret any of the time I've spent on television (except for maybe some of the shows I gave up on)

Yesterday a new website launched called which calculates how many years, days and hours you have spent watching television shows. I spent about twenty minutes entering in all the shows I have finished from IMDB's list of the top rated television series. I entered 76 tv series into the website, and it calculated that if I watched every episode of every season of every one of those series back to back, I would have spent 184 days 20 hours and 26 minutes just watching television.

Of course, there is a lot of television that I didn't enter into the website – I think I got through entering the shows I've watched in the top 500 on IMDb before deciding I spent way too much time on this project. But having browsed through IMDb's Top 500 probably covered all the major popular series.

The website lets you filter shows down to seasons, so say you only watched the first season of House of Cards, you can still enter that. Be warned, the filter on the site usually brings up the oldest tv show entry for the search, so when searching "house of cards" it will display the UK television series — you must enter 2013 after the search to get the US result. Other than a couple small issues like that, Tiii is a fun way to waste a half hour and reminisce about all the great (and bad) television you have consumed over your lifetime.

Head on over to to calculate your television watching total. Lets compare and post your scores in the comments below.