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Header Photo:  Flux Capacitor Car Charger (ThinkGeek's april fools day product we hope they make real)

'Mad Men' Staff Recalls Getting the Job and Favorite Moments on Set

11 Movies We Wish Were April Fools' Day JokesJoey Spiotto "Mother of Dragons" print inspired by Game of Thrones

Joey Spiotto "Mother of Dragons" print inspired by Game of Thrones

24 Things We Learned From The 'Face/Off' Commentary

Whither Dr. Alfred Bellows: The Death of the Television Rerun

Adriano Alves – Skeletor AnatomyAdriano Alves – Skeletor Anatomy

'18 Again!' Is Better Than A Life Coach: 9 Lessons From The Body Swap Movie To Implement Today

Do we really need all these set photos?Captain Tight Pants Delivery t-shirt

Captain Tight Pants Delivery t-shirt

Esquire's 'Friday Night Tykes' Renewed For Season 2

Game of Thrones The Musical

Amazon Lands Streaming Rights to '24? & '24: Live Another Day'

ZZ0035164D The Art of the Title of MacGruber

SundanceTV Picks Up 4-Hour Miniseries 'One Child', Will Co-Produce BBC Project


Baselworld 2014: MB&F's Starfleet Machine: The Deep Space Nine-inspired collaborative desk clock engineered by L'Epée

Saoirse Ronan to Star in 'Brooklyn'

Jurassic Park without CGHomestar Runner returns from hiatus for new April Fools' Day episodeZZ1EC82950

Netflix Not Streaming in HD? Here's the Problem and How to Fix It

Michael Socha set to join 'Once Upon a Time' as series regular

Supercut of Actors 'Gearing Up' for Battle in Movies


Kingston Falls Chicken t-shirt

Kingston Falls Chicken t-shirt

Hollywood 'spec script' is making a comeback

Andrew DeGraff Jaws

Andrew DeGraff "Cartography" art show is now available to purchase online

Nashville Plans Three-Date Concert Tour

Watch: Lena Dunham Directed Video For Bleachers' "I Wanna Get Better"; 'Girls' Denied Filming At University Of Iowa

Spike TV Renews 'Ink Master' For Season 5

ZZ196CC136Charts & Graphs: Nielsen's American moviegoing report

Warner Bros Hit With 'Conjuring' Rights Lawsuit By Producer, Lionsgate Exited TV Series Deal

Bizarre Version of The Story of Noah's Ark Told Through Film and TV Clips of Various Versions of the Same Story

'Twilight' Producers on Board Robert Silverberg Sci-Fi Story for Focus


Second Season of "Mickey Mouse" Shorts begin April 11th

ZZ4CA5E305Artwork Previews for "Adventure Time" @ Gallery 1988 (West) on April 3rd

The 'Office Space' Flair Guy Lost His Lawsuit Against 20th Century Fox

A Short Documentary Exploring the Film and Commercial Work of Wes Anderson

Netflix, Gaumont Sets 'Elite Squad' Star Wagner Moura For Pablo Escobar In 'Narcos'

MANN – Magic Act

The 5 Best Things About Clone Wars Season 6 (and 4 Lingering Questions)

Speed With a PugA Chronological Rundown of the Five Best 'How I Met Your Mother' Running Gags

Every car crash in Sopranos

Pixar's values live on through former employees' new endeavors

Scott C's Great Showdown tribute to The GodfatherScott C's Great Showdown tribute to The GodfatherEverything You Need to Know About the Fourth Season of 'Girls'

Google Maps' April Fools Day joke is the Pokemon Challenge map.

Neve Campbell Joins Animated 'Bremen Town Musicians'SPACESHIPALICIOUS t-shirt


The Killing Final Season: Linden's Mother Cast — Look Who Landed the Pivotal Role

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