Infographic: Hollywood Disaster Map

In real life, a city-destroying disaster is a national tragedy. At the movies, though, it's just the expected conclusion of any big action movie. Politicians can argue all day long about whether Hollywood is destroying America in the spiritual sense, but filmmakers definitely love wrecking the country as part of a blockbuster narrative.

Today, we have a Hollywood disaster map that illustrates just how and where the movies like to hit. Not surprisingly, New York and Los Angeles lead the rest of the country in terms of general destruction. But just as in real life, certain types of disasters are more common in some areas than others. Hit the jump to look over the findings.

That New York is a hotspot for superhero/villain activity shouldn't come as a surprise to anyone who's seen a Marvel movie. But the Big Apple has also logged nearly twice as many monster attacks as the runner-up, Los Angeles. Further down the East Coast, DC is a favorite attraction for extraterrestrial life.

Meanwhile, LA has more "geologic events" than anyone else because earthquakes are just a fact of life there. They even got one earlier this week, albeit not one big enough to be shot by Roland Emmerich. Angelenos also get more man-made catastrophes than anyone else, presumably because LA people are the worst. (Kidding!)

On the other hand, if you reside away from the coasts in Middle America, you're more likely to get hit with tornadoes and hurricanes, disease outbreaks, and zombie pandemics. Maybe it's the bicoastal snob in me, but I'd rather have Chitauri attacks and overgrown gorillas.

To see exactly how the data breaks down, read Fischer-Baum and Kalaf's full post on Deadspin.