'Chrononaut' Teaser Trailer: A Sci-Fi Pitch For A Script By Zach Lipovsky

Hollywood uses teaser trailers to sell their films to the public. Filmmakers use them to sell studios on their vision. Now, writer/director Zach Lipovsky has taken the next logical step: he's created a teaser trailer for a script. The script is called Chrononaut and involves time travel, mech suits and the bonds between family. In addition to the writing, the director of the Leprechaun reboot and producer of Afflicted took four months to animate this beautiful teaser. It uses an inspirational Mister Rogers speech and Hans Zimmer's Man of Steel score. What's not to love? Check it out below.

Thanks to First Showing for the heads up on this.

Lipovsky has been pushing the Chrononaut script around Hollywood and made this teaser in tandem, figuring a 2-minute video could get people more interested than any number of words. I know it worked for me. (And to see the full Mister Rogers speech, click here.)

Here's the basic plot of the script, which Lipovsky hopes to direct himself as a live-action film.

A dead mother's will instructs the estranged father and daughter to spread her ashes in a remote cave. Trapped inside, they find a futuristic safe house and a time machine capable of bringing her back. They must learn to work together to fight threats from their future and escape the cave alive.

The idea has a very Steven Spielberg/J.J. Abrams vibe and that's obviously the point. Lipovsky first entered the public eye with his work on Spielberg's reality show On the Lot and cites both filmmakers as influences. Since appearing on the show (which was almost five years ago) he's been directing smaller films, creating apps, writing and producing. His Leprechaun reboot is due out this fall and Afflicted, which he produced, comes out April 4.

What do you think of the idea of creating a teaser trailer for a script? Is this a new evolution in how filmmakers pitch movies? Does Lipovsky have a leg up being both a writer and talented effects person?