LOL: Shaquille O'Neal Crowdfunding 'Shaq Fu 2' Video Game

Shaquille O'Neal wants to make a video game. Scratch that. He wants to make another video game. The star of the 1994 fighting game Shaq-Fu has taken to IndieGoGo to raise funds for a reboot of that title, called Shaq-Fu: A Legend Reborn. Check out the pitch video, teaser and more below.

The full IndieGoGo can be accessed here, but here's a teaser of the game.

And here's the pitch video:

Here's how the site says Shaq Fu 2 will be different from the original, which they truly, truly hate.

Shaq Fu is what the original game should have been – an instant classic.  We're talking Streets of Rage meets Street Fighter meets Devil May Cry. It's a modern day take on the classic beat 'em up.  Play as Shaquille O'Neal – learn hundreds of moves and battle techniques, take onthousands of enemies with dozens of cool melee weapons, battle bosses in dynamic arenas, master cool finishing moves and play with your buddies in COOP mode or against each other in player vs player combat.

In Shaq Fu, dozens of unique and varied enemies await which require careful use of tactics.  The game also features destructive environments, awesome power ups  and a series of well-designed, beautiful levels with interesting progression.  This is all tied together by what very well might be the story of the century, a performance worthy of an Oscar, by the Big Diesel, in his battle against a villain for the ages – the mysterious Black Star Ninja.

Besides the obvious crazy nature of the game, the list of incentives is pretty funny too. It ranges from exclusive characters in the game to Shaq following you on Twitter or hanging at his house. And while it's all done with a sense of humor, you definitely get the sense the people behind the game are taking it very seriously. They want to make a great game and now you can help them.

There's also a disclaimer that while Shaq is obviously rich and is investing his own money in the game, the IndieGoGo is just a small part of the total cost.

Do you think Shaq Fu: The Legend Reborn is a good idea?