The Razzies Go Out On A Limb, Slam 'Movie 43' And 'After Earth'

With no new Twilight film in theaters and Adam Sandler somehow skating by on the "merits" of Grown-Ups 2, the crew at the Razzies has taken aim at the anthology comedy Movie 43, and at Will Smith and Jaden Smith for their work in After Earth. The Razzies tend to set their sights just as low as the ambitions of most of the movies they lampoon, and somehow manage to make a lazy go of lambasting bad movies and parodying awards.

But maybe you just want to know that you're not alone in thinking that Kim Kardashian did a bad job acting in a Tyler Perry movie. In that case, check out the "winners" below.

Worst Movie

"Movie 43"

Worst Actor

Jaden Smith ("After Earth")

Worst Actress

Tyler Perry (in drag) ("A Madea Christmas")

Worst Supporting Actor

Will Smith "After Earth"

Worst Supporting Actress

Kim Kardashian "Tyler Perry's Temptation"

Worst Screen Ensemble

Jaden Smith & Will Smith "After Earth"

Worst Director

The 13 People Who Directed "Movie 43"

Worst Remake, Rip-Off or Sequel

"The Lone Ranger"

Worst Screenplay

"Movie 43" Written by 19 "Screenwriters"