'The Sacrament' Red-Band Trailer: What If Vice Media Was At The Jonestown Massacre?

Imagine if Vice had been around in the days of Jim Jones, who formed his own community in Guyana and then led the residents in "revolutionary suicide," which left over 900 people dead by cyanide poisoning in 1978. What if Vice had been around to travel to the Peoples Temple Agricultural Project, aka Jonestown, just before the Jonestown Massacre took place? That's essentially the plot of The Sacrament, the new film from House of the Devil and The Innkeepers director Ti West.

Gene Jones, who played a gas station owner who met the devil in No Country for Old Men, this time gets to be the devil as he plays the Jim Jones-like leader of a community/cult that is visited by a Vice documentary crew. A.J. Bowen (House of the Devil, You're Next) is the guy who leads the small crew into hell.

Below you'll find an alluring and ultimately disturbing red band trailer.

The Sacrament opens on May 1 on VOD, and is in theaters June 6. Here's the new poster:the-sacrament