Cool Stuff: 'Guardians Of The Galaxy' Spaceship And Action Scene Revealed In Lego

Even before their hit movies, if you said the names "Iron Man," "Thor" or "Captain America" to your mom, she probably knew what they looked like. They're just recognizable, iconic characters with roots firmly planted in popular culture. Now try the same thing with the Guardians of the Galaxy. Spoiler alert: it won't work.

Though comic book fans are very familiar with the ragtag superhero team, most people have no idea who they are, which is the biggest issue facing Marvel with the August release. How can they make the public aware these are Marvel Cinematic Universe characters on par with those other iconic superheroes?

One way is to first reveal their toys. Toys are a perfect way to show parents, "These are things we want your kids to care about." So on Thursday, we saw the Hasbro figures and now the first Lego set has been revealed. It features our first look at the Guardians' ship, the Milano, and a scene from the film called "The Milano Spaceship Rescue." Check out the images below.

USA Today debuted the set, which will be on display at New York Toy Fair Sunday, along with two other new sets. Coming Soon also posted some close up images:

The man in black looks to be Ronan the Accuser, the flying man in red is Star-Lord and Gamora is piloting the ship. According to USA Today, the set consists of 665 pieces and will cost $74.99. In addition to those three figures, Drax the Destroyer and an alien Sakaaran Soldier are part of the set. And though images of this box have previously leaked, this is by far the best look yet.

I'm still getting over the fact we're about to get a glimpse of a Marvel movie with spaceships. It's so damn cool.

Guardians of the Galaxy, directed by James Gunn, will hit theaters August 1. The trailer will be out next week.