Seth Gordon Will Direct Video Game Adaptation 'Uncharted'

The core truth about Hollywood is that execs and other decision-makers tend to think in patterns. Find success in one genre or role, and you'll be bound to that thing for years to come. And what of those who do manage to break out? The time can come in which an early success proves to be just the resume item needed to get a big job.

Which brings us to Seth Gordon, who directed the video game doc The King of Kong before moving to broad comedies like Identity Thief and Horrible Bosses. He's just been hired by Sony to direct the film based on the Uncharted series of PlayStation games.

Deadline reports that the most recent script, by David Guggenheim (Safe House), is still in play. Beyond that we don't know too much. We can assume that this will be an Indiana Jones-style film with treasure hunter Nathan Drake seeking the riches of El Dorado.

We're a long way from the point where David O. Russell was going to direct Uncharted, and had concocted a generational adventure story that could have had a minor Goodfellas reunion as the cast. (He wanted Robert De Niro and Joe Pesci to play supporting roles.) The last director set for the film was Neil Burger, but he's been off the project for a long time now.

Now we've got to wait to see who Gordon and the producers choose to play Drake and the other characters.

Deadline says the goal is to get Uncharted into production later in 2014, so we might start to hear more reliable news soon.