Aaron Paul's 'Need For Speed' Getting Last Minute 3D Conversion [UPDATE]

UPDATE: The news of this 3D conversion actually broke in December over on MarketSaw, so it's not as last minute as originally thought. The original story follows.

DreamWorks' adaptation of the video game Need For Speed, starring Aaron Paul, hits theaters next month. It just had a Super Bowl commercial and critic screenings are starting very soon. All that sounds like a movie that's ready to go but a last minute change has now been implemented. The film is getting a last minute 3D conversion, which means when it hits theaters March 14 you'll likely have the choice to see it in either 2D or 3D.

Box Office Mojo broke the news on Twitter, but it was also in the Super Bowl spot. DreamWorks has yet to release an official statement, which means we don't know if director Scott Waugh shot the film thinking this was a possibility or if it's just a straight conversion with little forethought. The late nature of the decision – at least the public reveal; it might have started well before this week – suggests a potential lack of confidence in the film, and a studio hoping to scrape a few extra bucks out of opening weekend. But everything else – the Super Bowl spot, the early screenings – suggests the opposite. 

Last minute 3D conversions have all but ruined films in the past. Films like Clash of the Titans and The Last Airbender faced similar fates and were killed by critics for the terrible visuals. Both those films were bad on their own, however, and 3D seemed like a hail mary for box office success. Hopefully that's not the case here; perhaps the car racing action just lends itself to a more immersive experience. We'll find out soon.

Will you see Need for Speed in 3D if there's an option?