Star Wars Bits: Mark Hamill, Billy Dee Williams, Zac Efron, Star Wars Rebels And Angry Birds

February 2014 is here and we still don't have official news on Star Wars Episode VII. What we do have is Star Wars Bits, lots of tiny pieces of news to tide us over before the big stuff hits. In this edition read about the following:

  • Zac Efron confirmed he did take a meeting about Star Wars Episode VII.
  • Billy Dee Williams talks about the Star Wars legacy, and whether he'd come back for a new one.
  • Check out great images of the Star Wars Rebels Lego sets.
  • A rumor has begun to swirl that the Star Wars spinoff films will be delayed.
  • Check out a list of upcoming Star Wars Rebels books.
  • Star Wars Angry Birds II is getting a "Carbonite" update this week.
  • Legendary effects man Phil Tippett isn't sure if he'll work on Star Wars Episode VII.
  • Mark Hamill looks and sounds fit in a new promo for a charity contest.
  • Back in July, a rumor broke that Zac Efron was being considered for Star Wars Episode VII. Many fans didn't believe it but, in a new interview, Efron himself confirmed he did take a meeting. It's at the very end of this video from MTV.

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    With the rumor J.J. Abrams' Star Wars Episode VII script is focused more on the aged version of classic trilogy characters, Blastr spoke to Billy Dee Williams about how he looks back at the series and if he's heard anything about the film. It's a fun read, but here's the Episode VII quote:

    I haven't heard anything. No midnight calls yet. Sure, I'd be interested in playing Lando again, if it came my way. Sure. (via JediNews and NeoApe) posted some really great looks at the Star Wars Rebels Lego sets, including The Ghost and The Phantom. You can look at two of the better images below, but head to those links to see much more.

    With Star Wars Episode VII coming out at the very end of 2015, many of us wondered how – if at all – that would effect the "every year" Star Wars release schedule. Well, Twitter user @aliarikan (who has tweeted insider information before) surmises the first spin-off film will be bumped into at least 2017, and Episode VIII could go into 2018 or even 2019. Of course, this is a total rumor but it's worth considering. Thanks to JediNews.

    No real specifics here, but there's a pretty aggressive schedule of books tied to Star Wars Rebels being planned later this year. A full list has made it online featuring graphic novels, novelizations, sticker books and more. Check it out here.

    Over on the Angry Birds Tumblr, there's a countdown to a "Carbointe" update for Angry Birds Star Wars II. It'll hit later this week and while I have no idea what it entails, I'm so in.

    Angry Birds CarbonitePhil Tippett, a legendary animator and visual effects supervisor, spoke to The Hollywood Reporter on the occasion of the Annie Awards and confirmed he's working on Jurassic World next but isn't sure if he'll return to the universe that won him an Oscars, Star Wars:

    I talked to [Lucasfilm president] Kathleen Kennedy about it, but first will be Jurassic World, then we'll see where they're at.

    Nerdist posted this below video which gives all the information you need to possibly win a trip to Skywalker Ranch with George Lucas and Mark Hamill. That's awesome enough, but Hamill also looks and sounds much better than he has in a while. Possibly a result of a training regiment for a new movie he'll be making?