'Nymphomaniac: Part Two' Trailer: That Burning Sensation

There's no nudity in this new international trailer for Lars von Trier's Nymphomaniac: Part Two, so technically the thing is safe for work. But this is still Trier, and Nymphomaniac, so there's some weirdness in the new footage. (How about a little bondage for your mid-week morning?) There's also a pretty good use of 'Burning Down the House' by the Talking Heads, which might be reason enough to check out this edit. 

Nymphomaniac: Part One opens in theaters on March 21, 2014, and will be available On Demand starting March 6, 2014. Nymphomaniac: Part Two opens in theaters on April 18, 2014 and will be available On Demand on April 3, 2014.