Watch A Classic 'Fight Club' Scene Minus Tyler Durden

In Garfield Minus Garfield, artist Dan Walsh erases the signature orange tabby from each panel of Jim Davis' comic strips, turning what was once a cute cartoon about a mischievous cat and his exasperated owner into an unsettling portrait of a lonely man.

The new video "Fight Club minus Tyler Durden" does pretty much the same thing, only with (you guessed it) Tyler Durden and a scene from Fight Club. Instead of talking to a Brad Pitt, Edward Norton is now chatting and brawling by himself in the parking lot. Watch it after the jump. (Spoilers for Fight Club ahead.)

If you've seen the whole movie, you'll know that this isn't just Trammell's idle musing on what Fight Club might look like without one of its main characters. As revealed later in the movie, Tyler Durden never existed. Norton's character really was just talking to himself the whole time. So this is actually a more objectively accurate representation of the scene than we get in the movie.

As it turns out, Norton's character is pretty obviously crazy — so crazy that you'd think no one would want to follow him into an underground lair for bare-knuckle boxing, let alone launch an anarchic movement in his name. But that insanity is part of the fun. As with 99% of narrative features, Fight Club works better when you don't try too hard to apply real-world logic to it.