Cool Stuff: 'Cinelinx' Movie Card Game And 'Chaosmos' Sci-Fi Board Game

I've become a big board gamer in recent years, but we don't really cover board games on /Film aside from big screen adaptations like Battleship or the occasional mention in Page 2. Every once in a while we'll cover a board game with a big movie or television license (like we did with Firefly: The Board Game) much in the same way we do with video game sequels of movies (Ripley's Daughter is the Star of Survival Horror Game 'Alien: Isolation').

Two kickstarters came across my attention recently that I'd like to highlight – Cinelinx – A Card Game For People Who Love Movies and a a cinematic science fiction board game called Chaosmos. Hit the jump to find out more about both games.


Chaosmos is a "hand-management strategy game of spying, hoarding, deceiving, stashing & sneaking, all as the last seconds of the universe tick away."

Chaosmos is a 2-4 player card-driven strategy game with miniatures, playable in 60-90 minutes. In Chaosmos, you are an alien on a desperate quest to find and secure the most important object in the history of the biocosm – The Ovoid. You'll traverse the galaxy, exploring planets and battling other players to build up a strategic hand of cards. As you progress through the game, you'll gather weapons and tactical equipment that help you discover, gain control of, and protect The Ovoid. This mysterious artifact is your civilization's last hope for survival, and you will have to use deception, misdirection, and strategy to outwit your opponents and possess it at the exact moment the universe collapses! By carefully balancing your hand of cards, spending your turn actions wisely, and cleverly using your alien powers, you'll maintain a grasp on the state of the game while plunging everyone else into chaos.

Here is their kickstarter video:

I have not played this game yet, but I saw a bunch of people at a gaming convention having a lot of fun with it. Our friends at Mirror Box Games have already funded the game, so its happening. You can pledge $60 to get a boxed copy of the game with all the stretch goals when it ships in October 2014 (expected).

ZZ0C0F7E30Cinelinx is a game consisting of "220 cards that have either actors names, directors names, movie titles, scenes, quotes, or genres on them. The point of the game is to play the hand you're dealt by finding connections between the cards." They've also added Wild Cards, Double Feature Cards, and Director's Cut cards to the game to keep things interesting, and are also offering a Red Band expansion which appears to feature more R-rated and cult classic choices. Here is their kickstarter video:

Cinelinx is looking for $12,000 to fund the game on kickstarter, and needs your help. A $20 pledge gets you the game, or their are other options which include the red band expansion and more.