Fourth Season Of 'Sherlock' Currently In The Works

The highly-anticipated third season of Sherlock is about to end in the U.K, and U.S. audiences will get our run of the short season on January 19, but series creator Steven Moffat is already looking ahead. He revealed a fourth season of the hit show, starring Benedict Cumberbatch and Martin Freeman, is in the works.

Moffat confirmed this at a preview event attended by The Guardian. Thanks to The Hollywood Reporter for the heads up. (NOTE: Both of those links have minor spoilers for the third season, which hasn't aired yet here in the U.S.)

Apparently the stories and scripts the fourth are currently being planned and worked out. With the incredibly busy schedules of the show's two leads, there's currently no production timeline for the fourth season. One must hope, however, that it'll be sooner than the nearly two years that took place between airing the second season and third.

Are you surprised the series will continue?