The 'Home Alone' Plot Point You Might Have Missed

In the Chris Columbus-directed modern Christmas classic Home Alone, why didn't the McCallister family notice Kevin's absence when they presented his airline ticket at the boarding gate? The answer to this question is hidden in the movie, and even though you've probably seen the movie a dozen times over the years, you might never noticed it. Find out after the jump.

Someone on Reddit posted an animated Gif presenting this cleverly inserted plot-hole defying "easter egg" (via: Scott Beggs).

You might remember that Kevin spilled milk all over the passports and tickets. Kevin's airline ticket was thrown out in the trash as his father wiped up the mess. The camera actually stays on the trash can for an extra second for audience members to notice, but its still very easy to miss. Heather McCallister also miscounted the tickets while getting into the car to go to the airport because the neighbor's kid was in line with the rest of the family. So even if Kevin had been with the family, he would have had a hard time getting on the plane (on time) without a ticket.