'Kiki's Delivery Service' Live Action Remake Trailer

Hayao Miyazaki may be officially retired, but his films will live on forever. Mostly in their own form but, in some cases, as reimaginings. Princess Mononoke was a stage play and on March 1 2014, a live-action remake of Kiki's Delivery Service will hit screens in Japan. Takashi Shimizu, who directed the original versions of The Grudge, is at the helm and Fuka Koshiba is playing Kiki. The film has full Studio Ghibli approval, but of course wasn't made by them. A full trailer is now out and you can check it out below.

The trailer is from Maidigitv (via First Showing).

And here's a poster.

Kiki Delivery Service posterKiki's Delivery Service is such a charming, beautiful movie that I understand why the story has been remade in live action. I do get a bit frightened, though, if this is the opening of Pandora's Box. If the film is a hit, studios could try to start paying Studio Ghibli a lot of money to remake films like My Neighbor Totoro in live-action (though, to be far, Kiki is one of the few that's low on creatures.) From everything I've heard, they're a company that's very, very protective of their properties so money probably wouldn't make a difference. But, from a purists standpoint, you'd rather be safe than sorry.

What are your thoughts on this live-action remake? Do you think it'll get a U.S. release?