Three Alternate 'The Amazing Spider-Man' Suit Designs Are Sleek And Mean

Marc Webb's The Amazing Spider-Man had it's share of problems — some pretty big ones, in fact — but one thing it did very well was Spidey's costume design. Sure, there's the whole question of a teenager being able to make that suit, but setting aside that old qualm the suit in the film, and the updated version for next year's sequel, was pretty much spot-on. It was classic in origin, but modern in design and functionality, and the costume was built so well that star Andrew Garfield can wear it on stage in crappy lighting and still look great.

Naturally, the costume was not an instant design triumph. In fact, there were many versions conceptualized. Now you can see three others, any of which would have contributed to a film with a very different feel. 

There are some classic elements here, like the underarm webbing that goes all the way back to the character's very first incarnation. But some of these elements look a lot more like they belong in Spider-Man 2099 than anywhere else, and the last one just looks like Peter Parker's version of an Iron Man suit. And why no Future Foundation love?

Above all else, these all look like they're built for fighting. And Spidey does that, and often. But the guy is also "your friendly neighborhood Spider-Man," and there's no way someone wearing one of these suits would get away with that line. In the costume eventually used for the film, however, it all clicks.

The Amazing Spider-Man 2 opens on May 2, 2014. We'll see a trailer soon. [via Film Paint,JoBlo]