Watch 'Gravity'-Related Short 'Aningaaq' From Jonas Cuarón

In Gravity, only a few moments that are not focused entirely on the experience of Sandra Bullock's character Dr. Ryan Stone. One takes place when Stone attempts to contact help via radio, only to contact someone completely unable to assist her. The conversation, while divided by a language barrier, is deeply moving, as Stone and the man hundreds of miles away achieve a strange connection.

The film's co-writer, Jonas Cuarón, made a short film, Aningaaq, depicting the other side of that conversation. You can watch it in full below.

I'm not sure why there has not yet been a way for audiences to see this short in theaters, but I'm happy to find it online, via THR. It has been submitted to the Academy as a live-action short, so it could get more attention as the Oscars move closer. While Bullock doesn't appear here, her presence is still very strong thanks to the dialogue performed for Gravity.

THR says that Alfonso Cuarón ran across a "drunken native" in Iceland when scouting the region for another film, and that man became the basis for the character played here by Orto Ignatiussen. Jonas Cuarón wrote the dog sled idea into the script, and the short was filmed quickly in time to be done with Gravity.