Adam Driver Denies 'Batman Vs. Superman' Rumors

"A young John Hawkes type." That was the description reportedly being floated a few weeks back for the role of Dick Grayson in Zack Snyder's Batman vs. Superman. The truth of that statement became the subject of conversation, especially when the name Adam Driver started to get mentioned in connection to the role. Driver, best known for his role on Girls, fits that description perfectly and was rumored to be a "front runner" for the role, along with a few others.

Driver is currently doing press for the Coen Bros. Inside Llewyn Davis and says there are no truth to those rumors. But which rumors is he denying? That he's actually been cast? That he's a front runner? It's definitely a matter of semantics, but it doesn't look good. Watch some video below.

Collider was the first to get Driver on the record about the role. The way Steve asks the first question certainly leaves some doubt but the follow up, about hearing a few weeks later, seems more definitive.

Driver also spoke to The Huffington Post about it and, again, Driver denies the "Nightwing rumor." Read the full exchange here. In both cases he seems flattered by the suggestion, but emphatic that he is in the dark. But in neither case he is flat out asked "Are you a front runner to play Nightwing in Batman vs. Superman?" And that's the kind of uncertainty these situations thrive on.

I like Adam Driver. He seems sincere in these interviews and we have to take him at his word. But how can he say, and be sure, it's not true he's a frontrunner? That was the rumor, not that he'd been cast. That the producers and directors liked him above others for the role. Now – maybe they like him and haven't talked to him, or maybe they've since gone in another direction. Or maybe Dick Grayson/Nightwing/Robin/whoever isn't even in the movie. Any of these things could be true and he wouldn't know, making both the internet rumors, as well as his statements, true.

I just urge everyone to take any piece of news, rumor, speculation, even when it's from the mouth of the subject, with a grain of salt. Driver is being totally humble in both these interviews, but if it was true, would he admit it?

What are your thoughts about Adam Driver and Batman vs. Superman?