The Latest '80s Movie To Get A Sequel Is 'The War Of The Roses'

It's no longer uncommon for a movie studio to try and make a sequel to a movie that first hit 20 or 30 years ago, but the properties in question are usually big, commercial genre pictures. So it still comes as a bit of a surprise that the latest throwback planned is a follow-up to Danny DeVito's 1989 black comedy The War of the Roses.

Permut Presentations and Grey Eagle Films are joining forces to plan a sequel that picks up with the now-grown kids of Barbara and Oliver Rose. Considering how fatally dysfunctional their parent's relationship was, it only makes sense that they've now got issues of their own. Hit the jump for more about the plot, and the plans for the film.

The follow-up chronicles the lives of the Rose kids years after Barbara and Oliver brought down that chandelier. The son, Josh, is in a marriage that falls apart when an incident involving Milky Way bars spirals out of control, while Evie falls in and out of relationships and takes too much comfort in food. Meanwhile, Josh's own kids are suffering the effects of their parents' troubled marriage.

Tonally, the sequel seems to be in a similar vein as the original. According to Permut, the film "will explore, with comedic irony, the underbelly of a troubled family which, in this new scenario has produced a serial adulterer, a gluttonous gourmand, the protective mother-in law and grandchildren who are deeply impacted by the generational dysfunction."

I don't know that too many people were clamoring to find out what happened to the Roses' children (though I'm sure you'll set me straight in the comments if I am wrong about that), but if done well it could be an bitterly funny examination of a marriage in decay, the way the original War of the Roses was.