Kevin Feige Suggests Phase 2 Will Have 'Agents Of S.H.I.E.L.D.' Ramifications, Plus Non-Network TV Shows & Secret Identity Movie

Yup, more quotes from Marvel Studios President Kevin Feige. But when the man in charge of such an exciting slate of films actually comes out and talks to the press (a rarity in the business in general – do you see Kathleen Kennedy doing as much press?) you'd be smart to pay attention.

With his latest quotes, Feige discusses one of the subgenres Marvel has yet to tackle on film, but have started discussing, is an old-school secret identity film. Then, over in the TV realm, he teases the possibility of a more mature, non-network Marvel TV show potentially focusing on Daredevil or the Punisher, and the possibility of Phase 2 films having ramifications on Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. Read the quotes below.

Starting with TV, Feige spoke to Hey You Guys about the possibility of Marvel doing a more mature, non-network TV show, especially since they recently reclaimed the rights to more "mature" characters such as Daredevil and Punisher:

The Punisher movies that have been made were both very hard 'R's, and were in some places, unbelievably gory, to comedic effect, but I do think that what's exciting about having all these avenues is that you can explore all the aspect of these characters. In the comics some of these characters are very, very dark, and while Marvel Studios haven't done that necessarily, some of the Marvel movies, the Blade films, and the Punisher films – you look at The Walking Dead on AMC; that would be hard 'r' if that as a movie. So television does sometimes allow you to explore other aspects.

Next up, bridging the gap between TV and movies, The Playlist asked if the consequences of the Phase 2 movies, specifically Thor: The Dark World, would have ramifications on Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.:

Well, Jeph Loeb, who runs the TV division for Marvel, is in charge of that show, and is doing a great job of overseeing that show, and the studio's involvement in that is limited to them going "Hey, we're thinking of doing something like this, is that ok?" and we'll go yay or nay. But I'll say that it's a smart question, and it'll probably happen sooner than you realize. I think that's part of the fun they're having with that show is that it inhabits the same universe, so if there's a big event, there'll be ripples.

And finally, Feige mentioned to Bleeding Cool they've purposely avoided traditional "secret identity" films in the past, but have an idea for one now:

The one we haven't done in the MCU is the secret identity thing. I thought that had been overplayed for a long time which is why we had Tony Stark out himself at the end of his first movie. We were sort of announcing to the audience that we're not going to play that game....I think there is [a new spin on that idea] and I think we will get to it at some point. We have an idea. As a matter of fact, I was just talking about it the other day with one of our filmmakers. The fun thing about the  job, though, is that idea I was talking about with a filmmaker might not happen for four or five years because it may or may not be appropriate for a first movie.

Which character could have a really solid, new spin on the traditional secret identity narrative? Also, how will Thor: The Dark World begin to effect Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.? Finally, do you want to see a hard-R Marvel TV series and will their parent company, Disney, allow it?