Superhero Bits: Justice League War, Amazing Spider-Man 2, X-Men: Days Of Future Past, Thor: The Dark World

Is Miles Teller really up for Fantastic Four? What did Bryan Singer reveal in his X-Men: Days of Future Past Twitter chat? Will Sif get a bigger role in more Thor movies? Which major music producer is working on The Amazing Spider-Man 2? How can you make your own Iron Man Arc Reactor? Want to see a trailer for Justice League: War? Read about all this and more in today's Superhero Bits.

IGN premiered the trailer for Justice League: War.Miles Teller confirmed to Fandango that he is in the mix for Fantastic Four.DOFG Trailer

This image teased the X-Men: Days of Future Past trailer release Tuesday morning.

Bryan Singer did a Twitter Q&A today and revealed a few minor things about X-Men Days of Future Past, calling the new trailer "character driven" and saying he'd love to have Gambit and Deadpool in a movie.Comic Book Movie linked to a bunch of new Thor: The Dark World commercials, here's one above.

Speaking to Beyond the Trailer (via CBM) Jaimie Alexander teased more Sif in coming Marvel movies.

Alternate Thor Dark WorldShortList commissioned a bunch of cool, alternate Thor: The Dark World postersCBM linked to some new photos of Ben Affleck, who appears to be bulking up for Batman vs. Superman.

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Total Film posted this Man of Steel Blu-ray clip. Comic Book Movie has a few more.

Popular producer Pharrell, who worked with Hans Zimmer on Man of Steel, is helping out the composer on Amazing Spider-Man 2.

Adafruit Industries (via teaches you how to make a homemade Arc Reactor.Batman: Arkham Origins is now out for consoles, but mobile devices too.Black Widow statue

Gorgeous Black Widow statue via Geek Alerts.

Four words. Bat. Man. Back. Pack.batsymbol-arm-tattoo

It's Halloween week, so how about this horrific – but cool – Batman tattoo via Geekologie.

Disney quietly stopped production on Star Wars and Marvel slot machines.