Bryan Singer Hypothetically Recasts 'The Usual Suspects' For 2013

Briefly: Monday, director Bryan Singer took a few minutes out of a busy schedule editing his latest film X-Men: Days of Future Past to answer some questions on Twitter. While most of it was pretty vanilla (the trailer will be out Tuesday, and there's not much to say until then), Singer dug deep when he was asked about his first film, the multiple Oscar-winning The Usual Suspects.

A fan asked Singer if he were making the film today, who he would cast? His answers were pretty fantastic. Read them below.

Here's Singer's hypothetical cast for The Usual Suspects 2013, with budget/scheduling not being factored in.

  • Keaton – Chris Hemsworth
  • McManus – Dane DeHaan
  • Hockney – Jonah Hill
  • Fenster – Joseph Gordon-Levitt
  • Edie – Jennifer Lawrence
  • Kobayashi – Michael Fassbender
  • Kujan – Edward James Olmos
  • Verbal – Benedict Cumberbatch
  • That would make a pretty fantastic film, don't you agree? Do you think he could have done better?