Watch The Original 'Revenge Of The Jedi' Teaser Trailer

The folks who run the official Star Wars YouTube channel are "reissuing" the teaser trailers for the original trilogy, and you'd almost think there's a new film coming out or something. Some are taking these reissues as an indicator that there will be a teaser soon for the upcoming Star Wars Episode VII, but at this point who the hell knows what Disney and Lucasfilm are planning on that front.

Enjoy the wait for new stuff with a trip back to look at this original teaser for Revenge of the Jedi, before the title change, and way before the official episode stamps were placed on the actual film titles.

We ran the original Empire Strikes Back teaser not long ago, which was notable for featuring concept art and character stills rather than footage. This time, of course, the odd element is the film's original title. "Revenge" is a lot more catchy than "return," but Lucas & Co. were right to change it, to reflect the nature of the Jedi. It also gave him an obvious title choice when it came time to release Episode III many years later.