'That Awkward Moment' Green-Band Trailer: Isn't It Bromantic?

The red-band trailer for That Awkward Moment really lived up to the film's title, delivering several incredibly awkward moments. But not all of them were SFW, so the new green-band trailer offers a few different, slightly less awkward moments in their place.

Fortunately, this looks like the kind of movie that has more than mere shock value going for it. Rising stars Miles Teller, Zac Efron, and Michael B. Jordan star as three best friends navigating the dating scene together in this Tom Gormican-directed comedy, and seem to have a grand old time of it. Watch the newest promo after the jump.

The red-band trailer definitely had the funnier jokes of the two — I definitely giggled at that "cocktail" pun, because I am 12 — but the green-band trailer may do a better job of selling the friendship between the guys and their romances with the girls. It seems there's actually a pretty sweet bromance-romcom hybrid (bromcom?) underneath all those R-rated gags.

Gormican is a first-time writer and director whose only other IMDb credit is as a co-producer on Movie 43 (gulp), but he must have done something right to score such a fantastic cast. Jordan and Teller gave two of the most buzzed-about performances at this year's Sundance Film Festival, and while Efron's Parkland didn't really take off he has some interesting stuff coming up including a frat-boy turn in Nicholas Stoller's Neighbors.

And they're poised to get even bigger over the next few years: the three leads have two Star Wars rumors and two Fantastic Four rumors between them. It should be fun just to watch them hang out, even if That Awkward Moment isn't likely to launch any billion-dollar franchises or win any Oscars.

That Awkward Moment opens January 31, 2014Imogen Poots and Jessica Lucas also star.