Watch A Behind-The-Scenes Video From 'Escape From Tomorrow'

Escape From Tomorrow looks plenty interesting in its own right, but its origin story seems every bit as intriguing as the movie itself. Randy Moore's film, which depicts a nightmarish trip to Disney World, was shot right inside Disney's parks without knowledge or permission from Disney itself.

The daring move had Sundance attendees predicting that the film would never see the light of day, but the Mouse House, surprisingly, decided not to take any legal action. It's now rolling out into theaters, and new behind-the-scenes video offers some insight into how exactly it got there. Check it out after the jump.

Moore explains that the film began brewing in 2010, shortly after he took a trip to Orlando with his own family. His experience there sparked an idea, and eventually he decided to make the movie.

He and Abramsohn say that hiding in plain sight turned out to be easier than they'd expected. Disney's parks are full of tourists with camera and video equipment, and since none of the employees would think to look for a movie production taking place right in front of them, no one really suspected there was one happening.

Still, they hit a few snags along the way. As Peter mentioned in his Sundance review, the team actually almost got caught at one point, and were only saved from the authorities when one of the child actors began crying that she needed to go to the bathroom.

Had Disney understood what was really going on, they certainly would have stopped Moore. The film portrays Disney's parks in a less than flattering light, and uses Disney-trademarked characters in ways that the Mouse House would definitely not approve of. However, Disney only caught on after the fact, and (wisely) decided that suing Moore or his distributor would only bring more attention to the movie.

Escape From Tomorrow is playing in select theaters now, and is available on VOD.