VOTD: "Great Scott" - 'Back To The Future' As A Broadway Musical

Are you a Back to the Future fan who doesn't have a song stuck in their head yet today? Well, CineFix is happy to fill that void. They just posted a video called "Great Scott," which reimagines the climax of Back to the Future as a Broadway musical in the style of Les Miserables. Written and performed by Dustin McLean and Piotr Michael, it's incredibly catchy and guaranteed to put a smile on your face. Check it out below.

Huge props to the CineFix team not only for this video, but writing this clever, funny, catch song.

Over on their YouTube channel they also have a sing-along version of the video (click here) as well as a behind the scenes, which you can watch below.

"Great Scott, great scott, do do do dododo." Who is going to be singing this song all day like me?