Cameron Crowe Starts Filming The 'Untitled Hawaii Project'

Briefly: If it's a good day when Cameron Crowe is back behind the camera, today is a good day. Crowe's official site, The Uncool, revealed his latest film, formerly called Deep Tiki, began production last week in Hawaii. It's currently called the Untitled Hawaii Project, as seen on the slate above, and stars Bradley Cooper, Rachel McAdams, Emma Stone and Danny McBride. The Uncool had the official announcement via Crowe's Twitter. Here's the official photo. Production began September 26.Cameron Crowe Hawaii Slate

If you take a close work at the logo for the film, you'll see a satellite circling the state of Hawaii, which all but confirms the story we've been reporting for years. Cooper plays a disgraced weapons expert who lands in Hawaii to oversee a satellite launch. Stone plays Air Force pilot who wants to stop the launch, while McAdams would play Cooper's ex. You can read more about the original script here.