Choose Your Own 'Freaks & Geeks' Adventure With This 8-Bit YouTube Game

Lindsay Weir went on quite a journey in the first and only season of Freaks and Geeks, shedding her nerdy Mathlete persona to fall in with the aimless freak crowd. But it wasn't necessarily clear at every step what the right choice was. Should she have left that smoking patio with Millie? Was kissing Nick a terrible idea? And what was up with that whole Deadhead thing?

If those questions have kept you up at night since 2000, the Fine Bros. have a game for you. Their 8-bit, YouTube-based, Choose Your Own Adventure-style Freaks and Geeks game allows you to control Lindsay from the first moments of the pilot. See if you can improve on her McKinley High experience after the jump.

The game more or less follows the plot of the show, but the Fine Bros. manage to make the world their own with new jokes here and there. But nothing beats their take on Nick's burning desire to play "Lady L," and Ken's equally ardent desperation to top him. While only the Freaks side is active at the moment, the Fine Bros. expect to release a corresponding Geeks game in "about a month," according to AdWeek.

Ultimately, the game just serves as a good reminder that everything that happened on Freaks and Geeks was for the best. Sure, the show was cancelled before its time, but it got to go out on a pitch-perfect note and much of the cast and crew are now ruling the Hollywood comedy scene. And to think that Mr. Rosso thought these burnouts would never amount to anything...