'This Is The End' Gag Reel Somehow Even Sillier Than The Movie

Of all the reasons to love This Is the End, the amazing cast is by far the best. As hilarious as Seth Rogen (who also co-directed with Evan Goldberg), Jay Baruchel, Jonah Hill, James Franco, Danny McBride, and Craig Robinson are individually, they're even better together. The gang has been tight for years, and it shows in every perfectly silly riff.

We can only assume that that set must have been a hoot, what with all of these comedians trying to outdo each other. Now a gag reel from the production only lends credence to that theory. Hit the jump to see the guys getting even goofier on the set than they do in the final film.

Robinson probably figures most prominently in this video, but McBride is the real MVP. He utters the funniest lines and is the best at keeping a straight face. I could watch him daintily sip that wine for hours.

In an interview with MTV, Rogen explained that they'd tried their best to keep the gang together, precisely because he believes they're better together.

I think a lot of movies with big casts do a thing where they break everyone up and distribute the people throughout the movie and maybe there's one scene that they're all in together. We really went out of our way to not do that. A lot of the movie is all six of us together in one room, which is just insane when we actually have all the guys together in one room. It's really hard to get them to pay attention, but once you do, they're very, very funny.

Very, very funny indeed. There's a reason Germain wrote that "You'll be hard-pressed to be find a better comedy this summer." This Is the End hits Blu-ray and DVD today, October 1.