Superhero Bits: Guardians Of The Galaxy, Batman: Arkham Origins, Agents Of S.H.I.E.L.D., Dark Knight Rises, Justice League

Why does Adam West's Batman now look so buff? Want to see some behind-the-scenes tests from The Dark Knight Trilogy? Does Djimon Hounsou still want to play Black Panther? How did David Goyer respond when asked if he was writing Justice League? Which Always Sunny star auditioned to play Star Lord in Guardians of the Galaxy? What reasons does Kevin Smith give explaining why Ben Affleck wanted to be Batman? Read about all this and more in today's Superhero Bits.

Sony announced the PS3 will have an exclusive Knightfall Batman: Arkham Origins pack.

Kevin Smith gave Entertainment Weekly three reasons why Ben Affleck probably chose to be Batman. Here's just one:

I live in Affleck's old house, and he built a panic room and the entrance was built to look like a Batcave entrance. It's a bookcase that you click a button and the bookcase slides back. He's the only guy I know that would go to do something like that. I asked him, "What did that cost to do?" He was like, "50 thousand bucks." I was like, "Worth every f–king penny, man." That's amazing! If you're going to have Pearl HarborArmageddon type money, build a f–king Batcave entrance in your house. So he's always loved the character.

Hathaway Batman auditionBatman-News (via SHH) posted images of Anne Hathaway auditioning for The Dark Knight Rises.

When asked if he was writing Justice League, David Goyer said "Might be. Can't say."

X-Men actors morph.

A Reddit user (via CBM) posted mashups of the old and young Magneto and Professor X in X-Men: Days of Future Past.The Hollywood Reporter has a great interview with the Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. showrunners talking about the show's villains, larger mythology and more.Two Face Test ImageCBM posted some more Dark Knight Trilogy test images, featuring Bane, Two-Face, and more.

Speaking to The Toronto Sun, Djimon Hounsou said he'd be honored to play Black Panther.

Nova Corps shirt

This image was tweeted (via Cosmic Book Movie) of a Guardians of the Galaxy crew shirt.

Glenn Howerton, one of the stars of It's Always Sunny In Philadelphia, told Zap2It he auditioned to play Star Lord in Guardians of the Galaxy. Thanks to CBM.

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1966 Batman Skin

In addition to Knightfall, this 1966 retro Batman skin is available on PS3 for Batman: Arkham Origins. Thanks to Destructoid for the image.

The LA Times spoke to Clark Gregg about Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.. Great interview.Wolverine Batman

Colleague Elisabeth Rappe tweeted this image of a modification to a classic Batman meme.

EW finally put their full Joss Whedon interview online.Quill chairJames Gunn posted this photo showing Chris Pratt's been replaced in Guardians of the Galaxy.Superhero Hype did a great interview with Louis D'Esposito about the Marvel One-Shots.

Hilarious compilation of a Dad dressing as Batman and harassing his family on Vine. Thanks to Geekologie.

USA Today has an interview with Ed Brubaker where he suggested now is a great time to do a Gotham Central TV show.