Cool Stuff: 'Cloud Atlas' Posters And More From LA 'Young Guns Of Print' Exhibit

Most of the time, art galleries do either group shows with a single theme or one artist's complete vision. The latest exhibit at the Hero Complex Gallery in Los Angeles is a bit of both. The Young Guns of Print features the work of 18 individual up and coming artists, each of whom did two to fifteen pieces on a specific theme. That means instead of one cool piece for a film or filmmaker you like, you get multiple takes by artists who are still being established. Some examples of theme are superheroes, Tim Burton; the guns of Harrison Ford; Los Angeles; Harry Potter; and Lord of the Rings.

The exhibit opens Friday September 20 in Los Angeles and will go online Saturday September 21. Below, check out a sampling of work including an amazing series of Cloud Atlas posters by Paul Shipper.

Young Guns of Print, an art show celebrating the rising stars of print, will be on display from 7-10 p.m. September 20 through October 5 at the Hero Complex Gallery, 2020 South Robertson Blvd., Studio D, Los Angeles, CA. Learn more and buy stuff online at

Here is the artist and theme list:

  • Ale Giorgini'Greetings From Los Angeles'
  • Andrew Kolb'Mused on Tattoos'
  • Bruce Yan'Tribute to Animation'
  • Florey'Busted'
  • JP Valderrama'The 27 Club'
  • Khoa Ho'Superheroes Past and Present'
  • Marie Bergeron'Tribute to Tim Burton'
  • Mark Lone'Creatures'
  • Mark Reihill'Hunters'
  • Marko Manev'Tribute to Lord of the Rings'
  • Matt Ferguson'It's the End of the Word As I Know It (And I Feel Fine)'
  • Matthew Johnson'Tribute to Harry Potter'
  • Paul Shipper'Alternative Movie Posters'
  • Peter Gutierrez'Mechanically Acclaimed'
  • Phillip Ellering'Geniuses at Work'
  • Tim Anderson'Harrison Ford Gun Show'
  • Tim Jordan'Bettie''
  • Zeb Love'Emblems'
  • Now, here's just a small sampling of work in the show. Mouse over each for the artist name and theme but, I'd like to call out three pieces in particular. Paul Shipper (whom we've featured in the past) used his "Alternative Movie Posters" theme to make three posters for the stories in Cloud Atlas, my favorite movie of 2012. They are stunning and the first three of the below gallery.