'Entourage' Movie Delayed Because Vince And Turtle Want More Money

Entourage went off the air two years ago, but earlier this year fans got a glimmer of hope that they'd see Vince and company continue their adventures on the big screen. Warner Bros. announced the green light for a feature film sequel, which would begin shooting in May.

Then summer came and went with no news, and now as we head into fall we've learned what the holdup is. Basically, according to a new report, the cast wants more money. Hit the jump to get the dirt.

The actors have some advantage in that they really can't be replaced. An Entourage movie missing members of the entourage might as well not get made at all.

On the flip side, though, it's already been two years since the series finale. If these conversations drag on too much longer, there might not be much demand for an Entourage movie by the time it gets made.

The slow progress already has director Doug Ellin worried. "I'm not optimistic but still hoping" to make the movie, he told one fan. He replied to another that the likelihood of the film getting made was getting "less and less likely every day."

Granted, this may just be Ellin's frustration talking. But it's probably not a good sign when the director of the movie thinks the whole endeavor "seems impossible."

If the film ever does get off the ground, it'll pick up some months after the end of Season 8. Ari will be settling into his new job as a studio head, and one of his upcoming projects is a big-budget Dracula moving starring Vince.

[Additional source: Huffington Post]