Trivia: Katee Sackhoff Was Cut From 'Pitch Perfect'

Here's a very cool little tidbit about one of last year's most talked about films. Katee Sackhoff, star of Battlestar Galactica and this week's Riddick, recently revealed she had a small part in the 2012 cult hit Pitch Perfect. Her fianceeĀ Scott Niemeyer produced the film and, one day on set, they needed someone to fill a small role. Sackhoff gladly stepped in, but her scene was cut. Read more about it below.

Thanks to Collider for this awesome piece of trivia. Here's Sackhoff:

I actually was in it. I was just cut. There was a scene, I was there one day visiting on set, and they needed a DJ. The guy that Beca was dating was dating the DJ, and they said, "Katee, wouldn't it be really funny if you threw a brown wig on and played the DJ?" And I was like, "Perfect, I'll do it." So I was actually in the movie, but not in the movie.

Pitch Perfect producer and co-star Elizabeth Banks actually tweeted a photo of Sackhoff in the film.Katee Sackhoff Pitch Perfect

Though I have the Blu-ray of the movie, I've never gone though the deleted scenes to see if this scene is on there. Considering the movie is just about perfect, I think the cut was wise though.

Head over to Collider to read more about the Sackhoff's Pitch Perfect experience, including the fact she gets residuals for it and would love to appear in the sequel.