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Header Photo: James Franco's 'Spring Breakers' Oscar Campaign Goes for the Gold

9 Vital Questions to Ask Before Destroying a City in Your Movie

Can Journalism Save Hollywood? (Or Vice Versa?)

The Inevitable DuckTales/Duct Tape Parody – Off-Key but Still Funny

Summer box office: Five lessons to take away from a record season

Why should anyone care about film festivals?

"Darth Drogo" is First Installment in 'Game of Thrones' / 'Star WarsCrossover Art

Is the "uncanny valley" a myth?

Star Trek is broken – Here are ideas on how to fix it

Michelle Williams in 'Suite Francaise'

First Look: Michelle Williams in 'Suite Francaise'

GAME OF THRONES Wins Big At 2013 Hugo Awards

Watch a Deleted Scene From Now You See Me

The Summer Of Meh (Why I Won't Create a Top 10 List For 2013's Summer Movie Season)


Quentin Tarantino Rewrites Classic Disney Movies

Who Will Rule Toronto? 4 Things on the Minds of Movie Buyers at TIFF


14 Movies That Should Sell at Toronto

Frozen sand scuplture

Frozen sand scuplture

File-hosting services take big hit with ruling against Hotfile

The Enterprise vs. Miley Cyrus

Julian Assange Joins Jury for U.K.'s Raindance Film Festival

Pacific Rim Blu-ray and Collector's Edition Packaging

Pacific Rim Blu-ray and Collector's Edition Packaging

Nearly 6.4% of top forty hits feature references to alcohol, which some believe are "brainwashing" the pubic into drinking more

Breaking Bad Heisenberg Mezco Figure Video Review

TCM's 'Story of Film' Is the Most Thrilling Movie Event of the Season

Lego Masters of the Universe line

This massive Lego Masters of the Universe line needs to be real

Vimeo Offers Toronto Film Festival Entrants $10,000 for First-Run Digital Rights

Star Wars R2-D2 Pattern Tonal Blue Italian Silk Tie

Star Wars R2-D2 Pattern Tonal Blue Italian Silk Tie

Rotten Tomatoes Final Summer Movie Score Card


The Art of the Title of Grand Prix (1966)

Turning Apple TV Into Ouroboros

Breaking Bad Hockey Jersey

Breaking Bad Hockey Jersey

CBS and Showtime Return to Time Warner Cable on Labor Day

Game of Thrones Starring Walter White

Box Office: 'The Butler' Enjoys Labor Day Upset With $20 Mil; 'One Direction' No. 2 With $18 Mil

Optimus Prime Goes Steampunk

Optimus Prime Goes Steampunk With This Custom Mask

'Homeland' Season 3 Premiere Leaks Online

Argo: The Declassified Extended Edition

Argo: The Declassified Extended Edition

Telluride: Penn and Teller's 'Tim's Vermeer' might be the breakout hit of the festival

My Little Alien t-shirt

My Little Alien t-shirt

Target preparing to take on iTunes with 'Target Ticket' video-on-demand


'Star Trek' retro posters draw up 'The Gamesters of Triskellion,' 'That Which Survives'

Telluride: Jason Reitman on Why He Cut Teen Sex Scene From 'Labor Day'

Japanese poster for The Black Hole

Japanese poster for The Black Hole

Weinstein Co. Picks Up John Curran's 'Tracks' for U.S.

'Secret Life of Walter Mitty' Poster

Ben Stiller Runs Through the Air in 'Secret Life of Walter Mitty' Poster

Pacific Rim Crosses $400 Million Worldwide

TARDIS Ukulele

TARDIS Ukulele

Box Office Milestone: 'Monsters University' Crosses $700 Million Worldwide

25-minute uncut interview from 1999 with Spielberg as he remembers and reminisces about Kubrick

Filmmaker Bert Tenzer Dies at 86

Donnie Darko's t-shirt

Donnie Darko's t-shirt

'Extra' Moves to New Home at Universal Studios Hollywood

'The Hangover' Actor Murray Gershenz Dies at 91

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