Wired Magazine Lists /Film Among The 101 "Best Reporters, Writers, And Thinkers On The Internet"

The September 2013 issue of WiReD Magazine features a cool mention of /Film. Wired includes /Film in the "101 signals" feature, a listing of 101 blogs, feeds, and podcasts that "provide everything you need to know and nothing you don't." As the intro explains,

It's never been easier to stay informed about the world–provided you know which information matters. That's no easy feat. We're overwhelmed with content from media amateurs and professionals alike. How to wade through the static and find the info we actually need? Follow the sources with the highest signal-to-noise ratio and ignore the rest. WIRED's array of blogs, Tumblrs, and Twitter feeds are a great place to start, but let's say you want more. Fine. The following 101 signals–blogs, feeds, podcasts, and more–provide everything you need to know and nothing you don't. Packed with information, these sources serve up the core nutrients of your data diet, with no empty calories. We've focused on passionate and knowledgeable individuals, not massive media outlets that need to monetize content by the gigabit. These are the best reporters, writers, and thinkers on the Internet–people who understand what's happening.

We're honored to be the only movie blog they included on the list, and we're happy to be in such great company. You can see a scan of the page after the jump or head on over to wired.com to explore the whole list (we're included in the "Culture" section).


Thanks to Bianca A for alerting us to this awesomeness (as my latest issue hasn't arrived yet).