Joseph Kosinski In Talks To Direct 'The Twilight Zone'

Joseph Kosinski got a lot of attention with Tron Legacy and then took Tom Cruise into the future with Oblivion. He has been developing a remake of Disney's The Black Hole, among other films, but now he's signed on to a Warner Bros. picture that has been in development for a while.

Kosinski is in talks to direct The Twilight Zone, based on the influential television show created by Rod Serling in 1959. 

THR reports the talks. Despite the script drafts that have been created as Warner Bros. flirted with various takes and directors, The Twilight Zone will now be redeveloped for Kosinski. We don't have any story details to offer, or even a structure.

Will the film be an anthology, like the 1983 film, or something with a single storyline? Will it feature original material, or a new look at one of the many stories that have been established as classics through the TV show? At this point we don't know. It is probably safe to assume that WB is looking to create new genre-friendly material as Legendary takes its toys to Universal. We'll have to wait to see precisely what the producers have in mind.