Find Out The Shocking Alternate Ending For 'Homeland' Season 2

After the first season of Homeland, many viewers felt the writers could not make the show more intense or surprising. They were proved wrong with season two, which ended with an event and aftermath so outrageous and massive, it set the bar even higher for season three. That third season starts September 29 and could have been quite different if the writers had their way. Below, read the spoiler-filled alternate ending for the second season of Homeland.

The rest of this article will be filled with spoilers for both seasons of Homeland. Please stop if you haven't seen it yet. Which you should, it's a great show.

According to ScreenCrush, two major things almost happened during season two, but were eventually changed. The first is that Brody (Damian Lewis) was going to die early on. They also considered killing the character at the end of the first season but, this time, they had created an outline of how to do it. However, executive producer Howard Gordon suggested Showtime executives didn't like this turn of events and asked that they change it. (By the way, this constant desire to kill Brody does not bode well for this season.)

Second and even more surprising, was the first draft of the finale script had Carrie (Clarie Danes) following Brody across the border after he was framed for blowing up the CIA. This would have set up a third season with both of them on the run and Saul (Mandy Patinkin) back home in hot pursuit. Eventually, they decided it was more in Carrie's character to go back and help with the investigation.

Do you think either of these outcomes would have worked better than what we actually saw?