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Header Photo: How To Turn Your Cat Into Totoro

The Rise of Intentionally Bad Movies and Popular CultElizabeth Debicki Joins Man From U.N.C.L.E.

"Nautilus" by Stephan Martiniere

UCLA Film & Television Archive kicks off Pasolini retrospective

Motion picture academy gives casting directors their own branch

Jedi Parkour

15 potential awards players still looking for a home20 Skeletor Quotes That Will Put You in a Good MoodKaiju Wave t-shirt

Kaiju Wave t-shirt

Report: half of streaming boxes sold are Apple TVs

G.I. Joe: Retaliation Retold in 8-Bit Side-Scrolling GloryA History of Gibberish in Movies, From 'Blazing Saddles' to 'Despicable Me'The Shining poster by Cute Streak DesignsThe Shining poster by Cute Streak Designs

The Power of a Camera and the Rarest Thing in Filmmaking

Watch: Marlon Brando's Screen Test For 'Rebel Without A Cause'16 of the Highest Grossing Book-to-Big Screen Adaptations of All TimeZombie Flip Flops

Zombie Flip Flops

6 Kids Movies Clearly Made by People Who Hate Children

Making a Car Rollover Stunt33 Plot Twists Cut from Disney MoviesJaeger Select t-shirt

Jaeger Select t-shirt

Top 10 Unexpected Side Effects Of 3D Movies

Blurred Wars, 'Star Wars' Characters Dancing to Robin Thicke's 'Blurred Lines'

Movie Mistakes: 10 Blunders From Johnny Depp's Biggest Films

You Wouldn't Want To Read This On The Toilet: Walter White Recites History's Most Bone-Shaking Poem10 Popular TV Characters Reimagined as American Revolution Figures

"Dragon's Gate" by Guy Vasilovich

John Rhys-Davies Cast In 'Alex In The Afternoons'; 'Higher Power' Adds Colm Feore; Cas Anvar Joins 'Vatican Tapes'ZZ5A1DCE9AIron Giant meets Superman

Cinemark Makes 150 Screen Commitment To Auro 11.1 Immersive Sound

Apes Shall Rule t-shirt

Apes Shall Rule t-shirt

Tom Rothman Launching TriStar Productions at Sony

A review of The Hobbit: an Unexpected Journey board game

'Last Vegas' Rating Changed To PG-13 After Appeal

The Walking Dead by Frankie McKeeverThe Walking Dead by Frankie McKeever


ZZ1AEBEEB9Watch the art of the Title of Pacific Rim.19 Things You Might Not Know About "Aladdin"Co-Pilot Uniform t-shirt

Co-Pilot Uniform t-shirt

40 Signs You're Walter White From "Breaking Bad"The Simpsons Celebrity Guest Star Action FiguresThe Simpsons Celebrity Guest Star Action Figures Revealed

Same? Same. Same! Pitting Hollywood's 20 Most Derivative Movies Against Each Other

Minimalist Harry Potter Tattoos

Wonderfully Minimalist Harry Potter Tattoos

27 Ways To Be As American As Ron SwansonZZ1824A985


How we chose the 100 All-Time Greatest TV ShowsZZ17B49E50Art From The Edgar Wright Takeover at Lighthouse Cinema, DublinThe 14 Greatest Action Figure Playsets of All TimeMonsters University Featurette – Monthropology7 TV Show Retools That Actually WorkedZZ49CAC202Previously Unpublished Illustrations From Harry Potter Book Cover/Chapter Artist Mary GrandPré

Screenwriter Travis Beacham on the innovative spirit of Guillermo del Toro's 'Pacific Rim

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