'Ghost Shark' TV Trailer: From The Network That Brought You 'Sharknado'

Syfy sees your enthusiasm for shark-related B-movies, and is doubling down with more of the same. Next on the cable channel's schedule is Ghost Shark, which is exactly what it sounds like.

The first clip offered but a tiny taste of this new monster's fearsome abilities, but this new full-length trailer really shows off what he (she? it? Let's just go with "he" for simplicity's sake) can do. Hit the jump to find out what exactly that entails.

EW has the first trailer. It's not embeddable, sadly, but you can click the image below to go check it out.

Ghost Shark

The trailer leaves me with so many questions. Like, who is Ghost Shark? What does he want? Why is he so damn hungry all the time? Fortunately, the official logline answers most of them: "A great white shark is tortured and killed by a fisherman, then returns from the dead, exacting vengeance on all humans." So I guess it's got a pro-animal message, of a sort.

It never occurred to me until this very moment that Ghost Shark has one serious advantage over his CG shark brethren. As a ghost, he's not bound by any of the usual laws of physics. Not even the already extremely questionable laws that govern Syfy creature features.

Sharktopus would have a tough time hiding in a bathtub or a bucket, and Sharknado can't even get inside a building without tearing it apart first. But Ghost Shark can go wherever he wants. I'm hoping that includes drinking water, and that we'll be treated to scenes of people being ripped apart from the inside after chugging Evian. It seems only fair, considering (spoiler!) Sharknado featured a 90210 star chainsawing his way out from the belly of the beast.

Ghost Shark premieres August 22 on Syfy. If you prefer your man-eating sea creatures more corporeal, however, and your surroundings more public, there's also Regal Cinemas' planned limited midnight theatrical run for social media sensation Sharknado. That begins August 2; get more details here.