LOL: 'Daria: High School Reunion' Trailer Starring Aubrey Plaza

Everything else we loved from the '90s is back, and now we can go ahead and add the hit MTV show Daria to the list. Lawndale High's favorite misanthrope, now played by Aubrey Plaza, returns to the screen in Daria: High School Reunion, and you can watch the trailer below.

... Okay, you can relax, this isn't a real movie. (Yet.) But if it were, I'd have to admit that the casting of Plaza as Daria Morgendorffer was absolutely spot-on. What is Parks & Rec's April Ludgate, if not the 20something, city government version of Lawndale High's favorite misanthrope for this decade? Watch the CollegeHumor parody video after the jump.

We've recently seen a couple of other old properties, namely Veronica Mars and American Pie, use the reunion plot device as an excuse to get the whole gang back together again. I'm relieved Daria isn't going that route, since I have absolutely zero desire to see the above video made into an actual movie.

All that said, this is pretty charming. Daria returning for her high school reunion at all may be a tad out of character, but then most movies exist in an alternate universe where everyone attends these things. If she did, this is probably exactly how it would go. And hey, look at that — Jane's a mom! Wonder how her maternal instincts are. Hopefully better than her own mother's.

The other actors are just as pitch-perfect in their imitations, too. I especially dig the new version of Jake, who really does seem like the cartoon version come to life. Plus, there are tons of other callbacks to the show crammed in, including the ongoing drama with Tom and the helpless arm Daria extends at the end. La la la la la.

Not coincidentally, Daria: High School Reunion isn't Plaza's only recent foray into the '90s. The video doubles as a bit of viral marketing for her similarly retro comedy The To-Do List, which opens this weekend.