Photos: The 'Ender's Game' Fan Experience At Comic-Con 2013; Plus Battle School Video

San Diego residents may be curious as to what the huge, black tent sitting in the middle of their city is all about. That's just Battle School. Summit Entertainment teamed up with HGTV to created The Ender's Game Fan Experience, a massive construct outside the Hilton Gaslamp that literally takes you through the sets Gavin Hood created for his upcoming film, Ender's Game. We walked through and snapped some photos, which you can check out below, along with a brand new Battle School recruitment video.

The Ender's GameĀ Fan Experience lives up to its name. It's truly a fan experience. If you don't know anything about Ender's Game, this tent probably isn't going to win you over. The whole tent is filled with incredibly cool props and sets used in the filming, but all are presented largely without context. Unless you are very familiar with the structure of the story, the experience will largely go over your head. For a fan though, this is your first real opportunity to see how Battle School and the world of Ender's Game has finally been realized and it's been done well.

The experience begins in the home of the Wiggin family back on Earth. It looks like a normal home, except for the massive TV playing an odd, futuristic version of the news. Valentine and Ender's Earth costumes are also on display. The next room is the launch ship that takes Ender to Battle School.. the actual ship, which of course isn't a ship, just a set. But a sign lets us know this is the actual set from the movie. Each seat is fastened with a harness to keep the kids locked down as they enter space.

Once you reach Battle School, first you'll encounter a bunk where the kids will sleep. Next, it's time to go to work in the classroom. In the front of the room is a video of Harrison Ford's character, Graff, explaining the importance of soldier Mazer Rackham, played by Ben Kingsley. Fans can sit down at chairs and play with tablets while listening to the presentation. From there, it's time to "go to battle" which means the zero gravity Battle Room. Unfortunately, they can't actually put you in zero G, so there's a moving image that gives the illusion of what the sensation will look like in the film.

The final room is chocked full of props from the movie. A star from the Battle Room, several of the hero costumes (Ender and Bean are below), a flash gun and more. Then, on the way out, fans can get a photo of themselves green screened into the battle room.

The Ender's Game Fan Experience is truly an experience for fans. With proper context, non-fans will be left scratching their heads, but hopefully be intrigued with what they just saw. You don't need to be a Comic-Con attendee to enter either. Anyone can walk through during the convention.

Here are photos from everything you've read above.

And here's a brand new video released, recruiting you to Battle School.

We'll have more on Ender's Game soon as the panel hits Comic-Con Thursday afternoon.